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Rush Family Practice

This website provides information on the services available at Rush Family Practice, such as surgery hours, emergency contact numbers and clinics details. In addition, useful patient information is provided.

Consultation hours

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Consultation hours
By appointment
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General information

Evening appointments by prior arrangement only.

  • Services Available

    Nursing services

    Cervical Smears (Free)

    Childhood Vaccines (Free)

    Pregnancy Care (Free scheduled visits)

    Blood Tests

    Travel Vaccinations

    Counselling / Psychotherapy (Discount rates for Practice Members)

    Well Man/Woman Check

Health Advice

  • A good place to look for information leaflets

    A good place to look for information leaflets

     Trying to find medical information that is reliable and not too scary, is sometimes difficult. This website has good information and goo patient leaflets.

  • Psoriasis


    Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. It causes debilitating and unsightly lesions that can be associated with itching. This disease sometimes has significant repercussions on daily life.
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  • Understanding blood pressure measurements

    Understanding blood pressure measurements

    Blood pressure reflects the pressure exerted by the blood in our arteries. It is defined using two readings: a maximum pressure and a minimum pressure, corresponding to the contraction and relaxation of the heart.
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  • Thyroid tests explained

    Thyroid tests explained

    There are various types of thyroid examination allowing thyroid diseases to be detected or monitored.
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About us

Dr Marcus de Brun MRNZCGP

General Practice

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Practice Address

6A Main St Rush
Co. Dublin

Tel.:  (01) 8949776

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

closed for lunch 1-2:30pm


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Provocative reading?

Check out a Blog of my Newspaper articles, published and unpublished.  Feel free to make a comment.

Emergency and service numbers

OUT OF HOURS: D-DOC 1850 22 44 77

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Merck Manual of Medical Information (Home edition)

The Home edition of The Merck Manual of Medical Information is based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine, but written in everyday language by around 300 outstanding contributors.
Merck Manual of Medical Information (Home edition)
The book covers many difficult medical concepts, but is written in everyday language.
Merck Manual Home Edition

Refill prescriptions

Repeat perscriptions: Please order a day in advance. Emergency Perscriptions will be issued.

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This site should not be used as a substitute for medical consultation.