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Learning how to manage common illnesses with confidence and common sense is a great life skill. It’s something that we learn from our parents, from visiting our doctors, and from our own experience. It’s also something that lots of people are now learning from the internet. We all need good, sound advice to develop the confidence and skill to take care of ourselves and our families, and this website aims to give you that advice. We want to help you to know how to deal with common illnesses like colds, flu, earaches, tummy bugs and more. And, we want to make sure that the advice you get online is from trusted sources of good quality and correct health information. was developed using health information and advice from the HSE and the experience of GPs and Pharmacists from around Ireland.

Created by:  Tallaght Medical Practice

Publication date:   11/17/14

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TLC-DOC is a service provided by local GPs, with the support of the HSE, and located in Tallaght Cross west across from Aldi Tallaght Rd, Cookstown, Dublin. Local GPs have formed a cooperative to provide out-of-hours care for their own patients. This service will provide GP appointments for urgent medical conditions on weekday evenings and weekends. 1890 20 22 24 Please do not ring this number before 6.00 pm Monday - Friday, or 10.00 Sat/Sun & Bank Holidays.

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Merck Manual of Medical Information (Home edition)

The Home edition of The Merck Manual of Medical Information is based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine, but written in everyday language by around 300 outstanding contributors.
Merck Manual of Medical Information (Home edition)
The book covers many difficult medical concepts, but is written in everyday language.
Merck Manual Home Edition

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